What's the Best Electricity Companies in Pennsylvania?

It depends on what you're looking for. Electricity customers don't all use electricity the same way. Everyone has different appliances and they use them in different ways. Different people set their thermostats differently. Some people plan on staying in their current home for years, others for just a few months, and neither may want the same fixed rate plan.

So yeah, it really does depend on what you need and how it fits your lifestyle...

Of course, that begs the question: which electricity company is the best one for you? Of course, this isn't something you're going to perfectly decide in just a couple of minutes. You need to compare the companies and what they're offering. So, let's dig into how to do just that.

Know Your Usage

First, consider how much electricity you use each month. Knowing your usage will help you understand how much a plan will cost you each month. Do you use over the average 864 kWh per month? Do you use less? You can look over your past electric bills or log on to your account with your local utility to find your usage information.

How to Learn More About Electricity Suppliers

Unlike other deregulated states, the PA PUC does not have an electricity supplier scorecard showing the number of complaints files against a particular retail provider. Instead, consumers must use the PUC Utility/Authority Search tool to find the provider's records. And while it is important for the PA PUC to be a neutral third party regarding retail providers, this isn't a convenient way help PA's customers inform themselves.

For that reason, look on line for electricity supplier companies that have really great customer service reviews. After all, when you have a problem and you need help, you want a company that will work with you.

What Kind of Energy Plan Do You Need?

Decide on whether you want a fixed rate or a variable one. Then compare rates and plan terms head-to-head. Be on the look out in the fine print for extra fees and what happens when the plan expires.

Are you committed to getting 100% renewable energy for your home or are you more interested in getting the cheapest possible rate? These aren't mutually exclusive since some green plans offer very competitive rates. But depending on their circumstances, 1/10 of cent per kWh in price can make a difference to some consumers.

Compare Electricity Supplier Plans, Rates, and Terms

See how many plans the company is offering in your area. Generally, new companies just starting out offer fewer plans. But if the company is several years old and is only offering one or two plans, then you may want to be a little wary of them.

Compare provider incentives, rewards, satisfaction guarantees, and early termination fees. Not every supplier offers incentives, rewards, or guarantees. But usually, the more financially stable ones do. Also, not all fixed rate plans come with early termination fees. But those companies that have lower or nonexistent early termination fees are sometimes trying harder for your business and deserve a closer look.

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