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How Long Does it Take to Switch Electricity Companies?

To switch providers, customers need to select a new plan and provide the required information, such as account number and meter reading. The new provider will then contact the current provider to initiate the switch, which usually takes a few days to complete. During this period, customers will continue to receive electricity from their current provider until the switch is finalized.

How to Read Your Electric Meter

They record electric usage by moving dials that are interlinked. This is why dials alternate between those that spin clockwise and counterclockwise. Each dial advances 1 point when the point on the one to its right completes a full cycle.

Pennsylvania Energy Sources

Roughly 13 million people live and work in Pennsylvania, consuming 248,130 Giga Watt-hours (GWh) annually.

Learn About Energy Choice in Pennsylvania

In 1995, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission oversaw 11 regional electric utilities that had monopolies in their services areas. These utilities controlled the cost of the electricity the generated, the cost of distribution, and the cost of selling it to customers. Consumers had only one choice - the utility.

About the PA Electricity Market

Pennsylvania is now part of a huge energy market with several other states. Independent generating companies now make and sell electricity on this regional market. Your local utility now longer generates its own electricity.

Who Are the Best Pennsylvania Electric Companies?

It depends on what you're looking for. Electricity customers don't all use electricity the same way. Everyone has different appliances and they use them in different ways. Different people set their thermostats differently.

Ohio Green Energy Requirements

Under Ohio Energy Choice, everyone from a single homeowner to a large business has the right to shop around to find the best deals on their gas and electric supplies.

Ohio Deregulation History

Under the Ohio Energy Choice scheme, residents of the state can now shop around for their electricity supplier in much the same way as we shop around for deals on a new TV.

10 Quick Tips to Save Energy

Shopping for the lowest Ohio electricity rates is an excellent way to cut your monthly electricity bill, there are steps you can take to reduce how much electricity you use. Because Ohio electricity prices are determined by consumption, you will pay less if you consume less. These are 10 top tips that will help you save both money and energy.